Su Melo

Su Melo

Connection plate 4

Ceramic on rotating metal plate. 37x32x35cm


Ceramic on rotating metal plate. 21x28x27,5cm

I make sculptures and installations as active agents, as personal translators of multisensory knowledge. Through my work I aim to challenge the hegemony of individualistic perceptions of an imposed civilisational and separatist logic and propose an experiential language based on connectivity and collective consciousness.


My artistic journey weaves together diverse cultural experiences, blending traditional South American and Indian art practices with contemporary perspectives. I use artistic expression to embody narratives of heritage, community, and cognitive understanding. Ceramics serve as my primary medium, allowing exploration of social and cultural dimensions.


In my work I make tangible what can be intangible and then, as a decolonial exercise, I equally validate these types of understanding with what is consived as logic or rational in terms of objectivity and cognitive knowledge. I consider this exercise as a strong practice of empathy. An inner play between our physical existence and an expanded insight of social and nature existance and care.


Connection plate 1

Ceramic hanging on rotating metal plate.