Leon van Opstal


Leon van Opstal   

Kinetic monarch Butterfly, flies on electricity.

"Bomb-us Terrestris",

series of three. Kinetic art.

Leon’s work shows the emotions of an artist who is searching for solutions to the problems he encounters. For instance, the extinction of bumblebees or fish that cannot swim anymore. Their defencelessness is shown by arming these helpless creatures against evil, or by providing them with a prosthesis. A playful way to deal with problems, yet at the same time very serious. He portrays the defencelessness that everybody encounters; there just isn’t much you can do as a human being, accept voting for the animal party or introducing Animalcops. The research for causes and solutions is the playing field of scientists. But by letting the art speak it at least raises attention to the issues at hand. And the solutions that Leon offers are indisputably very exciting to look at and technically very creative.

Leon wants every household in the world to have it's own emergency pollination, just in case....

Looks really dynamic!

Kinetic monarch butterfly, detail

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