Marja Kennis

Trophee for veggies: big goat, ceramics


New works coming soon!

For Marja Kennis the identity of a place is defined by its habitat. The presence of local lifeforms, especially plants, is not only the consequence of natural environment, but also of human attendance. Human decide which plants may appear, ruled by cultural regulations about a.o. economic and aesthetic qualities. All life is temporary, transforms into other life forms and in the end is lost. In malls she casts life and races of life, combines several imprints in clay or porcelain and enriches them with a new identity.

Galerie Franzis Engels Nieuwevaart 200, 1018ZN Amsterdam, +31 6 31000323, Open: Thu - Sat 13.00 - 18.00

Contemporary art in the centre of Amsterdam.