Stefan Rohrer

Vespennest (verkocht), modelvespa's, steel, lack, 35x128x18 cm.

Stefan Rohrer (1968) was already fascinated by the shapes and colors of cars when he was a young boy. Being an artist he uses cars not only for their aesthetics and functionality, but he plays with the meaning they represent in our modern society: speed, prestige, power.

His objects seems to shoot past our eyes at great speed, stretching like in comics. The lines and movement produce a fascinating play with our perception. The moment of collision at a crash is shown. Wheels, Stearing wheels, seats and other car parts are flung forward. He seems to warn us for the dangers of fast living.

Stefan promised us new works in 2019. In 2018 he has been to busy with big assignments and exhibitions in musea.He also had an exhibition in Galerie Michael Schulz and Galerie Scheffel.

Galerie Franzis Engels Nieuwevaart 200, 1018ZN Amsterdam, +31 6 31000323, Open: Thu - Sat 13.00 - 18.00

Contemporary art in the centre of Amsterdam.