Simon Oud

Simon Oud

S1, 20x27x8 cm., sinc and messing

S3, 20x16x8 cm., sinc and messing

In his early creations, Simon Oud investigates the role of agricultural structures as beacons within the polder landscape. The closed nature of these buildings, which contrasts sharply with their vast surroundings, serves as a model for his sculptures. In his work he confronts form with space. In later years his investigation shifts more towards the interplay between the polder and its inhabitants, showing traces of human intervention in the landscape. The creation of those sculptures is partly dependent upon the possibilities offered by the materials, which in his case are zinc and brass. During the construction process the sheet metal material gains independence as an object in which contrasting forms and guidance of light are the expressive elements.

S4, 20x16x8 cm. sinc and messing

S2, 17x22x8 cm. sinc and messing

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