Robbert de Goede

Binnenkort nieuw werk in de galerie.

Detail 'Falling into a new place', 140x35x15 cm.

Part of something big, 90x90x10 cm.

It starts with coincidence and intuition, arbitrarily drawing and combining geometrical shapes and figures, without judgement. From there the search for connection and meaning starts, looking for a space where there is no room for distraction. The compositions are build anatomically where the rules of physics are ignored.

The goal is to find emptiness, a place in the psyche where creativity, revelation and happiness are found.




Galerie Franzis Engels Nieuwevaart 200, 1018ZN Amsterdam, +31 6 31000323, Open: Thu - Sat 13.00 - 18.00

Contemporary art in the centre of Amsterdam.