Margot Domart

Margot Domart

Black series 7

50x60 cm

Black series 10

50x60 cm.

I have always been fascinated by three elements: contemplation, space and sound. I am always looking in some ways to integrate these elements in my work. I want
the viewer to be immerse in my work, a place where their imagination can float.
My research was first based on intuitive body movement. From that, my interest went towards the effect of vibration on the body from sounds and colours. I want to express
something from the origin, a vibration in the soul. By exploring the body movement with my eyes closed, I could use different senses to situate myself. The touch and
sound become much clear and new senses arrive, for example you can feel the energy of someone next to you before even touching him, his space is not only his body but
also the unseen space that surrounds us. How the opposite body will act when these boundaries are crossed? It creates a new energy.
From a world where we learn from images and associate it with words, we loose faculties of listening to our intuition. I want the body to explore it again, something that is not

relevant to explain, but is relevant to feel. The effect of sound and colour on the body and on the space around it are big interest for me to see the body as a source of energy.

I want to create an experience that goes beyond the intellect. I want to open physical and mental space for the viewer.
And when the intellect stops, the experience begins.
I use the medium of paintings and sculptures as an attempt to slow down.
Black series for example, with their reflective surfaces bring the surrounding into my paintings. The eye is always in transition between the surface and it’s reflection which
creates an impermanence, a space in between. A negative space, a blackness that is never truly black by itself but that is actually full of light.