Janine Schimkat


Janine Schimkat

Tolkwal, glas en mixed media

40 cm. doorsnee

With glass, ceramics, porcelain, silicons, water, light, noise, Janine Schimkat builds her own fantasieworld; Utopkein which beauty dominates. Often she uses Latin names of organisms to give a suggestion of scientific argument to her self created universe.

The natural apparition of symbioses, “the harmonization of two organisms, often totally merged together and having a mutual profit", is one of her main reasons to use several materials in one object.

This combination of materials often works illusionistic; is it glass? or silicons? Is is tough and breakable - or flexible and tough?

Purple meander

Challa, glas met mixed media

30 cm. hoog

Green moss

Diepzee beeldje met verlichting, alleen de witte is nog beschikbaar.

Thread fungus

Annemoon met verlichting

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