Aurélien Maillard

Aurélien Maillard

Grey box, 90x110 cm.

Aurelien Mailard’s sculptures in the series “Impact” are ambiguous.

The viewer sees a smooth surface that appears to have been attacked with a sharp instrument. The surface shows scratches, dents and cuts; all signs of a spontaneous violent outburst.

We are left to speculate as to what provoked such a furious act.

But then, the viewer notices that this impression is not correct: there is no evidence of frayed edges, the shards are smooth and don’t show splinters. The form is seductive. The image shows a lot of attention to detail and is skilfully constructed.

Is this truly an act of spontaneous aggression?

An association with the cut canvasses of Lucio Fontana comes to mind.

The spatial series: “Tame” also tells many stories. The piece we are exhibiting looks like an altar piece that has been sawn into small pieces that are held together with ropes, which attach it to a wall. The artist again displays a thoughtful concept:  an artfully constructed piece that reminds us of valuable objects and antique furniture. The altar, a symbol of religious celebration is tamed and transformed into a display object. Has history been tamed?

New works coming soon!