Willem van Weeghel





Willem van Weeghel

Dynamic structure 611147, 250x120x10 cm. (not in the gallery)

Willem van Weeghel was born in 1956 in Wageningen, Holland. After high school he studied to become teacher in fine arts. For his final exam he produced his first kinetic objects and after that, until today, he worked as professional kinetic artist.

Movement is the central means of expression in his work. The changing structures that appear move in the transitional area between chaos and order, between variability and uniformity, between volatility and consistency. As a reconciliation of opposites.


His kinetic objects are characterized by a serial use of elements of which the form is generally of less importance than the movement that they make. Identical elements with identical movement options together form constantly changing structures. Like dancers executing a complex choreography. The forms that he uses only function as the instruments to make the movement visible and, therefore, these are as simple as possible. The coordinated movement creates complexity.


The movements of the objects are usually controlled by an integrated computer system, which is not visible for the spectator. He makes use of advanced and sophisticated technology, but this is not visible and it is only instrumental. Instrumental in an attempt to comprehend the constant movement in which structures appear and then disappear again. In an attempt to visualize the passage of time.


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