Wicher Meursing





Wicher Meursing (1928 - 2015, Amsterdam)

After finishing Koninklijke Academie (Den Haag) and Rijksacademei (Amsterdam) in 1955 Wicher Meursing sticked to clay until the late sixties. But this restricted him in him goal to make moving objects. His first kinetic objects were jumping and rolling forms. In spite of there abstraction they f eel human. Due to this kinetic object he got his first commission in public space in the nineties. This was the first of his slender but monumental by wind moved abstract.

Wicher Meursing calls himself a sculptured, but his work can be characterized s 'moving objects'.

Each new sculpture is another experiment, and it has to be fulfilled.

Coincidence is often part of the process.

He uses light materials, such as aluminium combined with stainless steel. In his early days the birds were often the subject of his works, because they offered him the freedom in his search for movement. His kinetic object really make is possible to give in on that pressur, to realize the movement in space.

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