Christiaan Kuitwaard





Christiaan Kuitwaard

Christiaan Kuitwaard (1965) works by making enveloping movements, never look a painting ‘straight in the eye’, but he observes ‘from the corner’. Usually he makes a few drawings first. This is how he pust perspective into his work. He usse sketches as a starting point, but they may also be slides or photographs. He uses these to create a distance both in time and in commitment. If the picture turns out too realistic, he starts ’pounding’ it, until the picture is very still, motionless and corroded. To the point where the picture disappears/appears, has become diffuse.


"My paintings are qualifications turned into images. Everything is to disappear one day. But I happen to be here and painting is the best way for me to spend my time."



Currently no works available in the gallery.

Updated 13-01-2016

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