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Kees de Vries

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1018ZN Amsterdam

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Aside this project, which is ongoing since 1979, he is a painter were light is also, how can it be else, the challenge. Colourfull and bright which appeals to the imagination of how things can fit together, or using marble powders and pigments which gives the sensation of a travel deep in the hidden caves of the earth. A painter with a wide pallet of possibilities.

Salt with acid and so.

Painting, mixed media, 110x170 cm.

Painting, mixed media, 110x170 cm.

Kees de Vries makes objects with salt. Salt is one of the most beautiful materials you can find in the world. Pure white with the brilliance of the sunshine. Reflective, purifying, minmalistic, al kinds of qualities are accredited to salt. Kees de Vries plays with the material and investigates de possibilities to use salt in his works of art. The result are wall objects as well as growing forms. He makes the salt grow into tables, dishes, glasses.... an amazing procedure with refined results.



Painting, mixed media, 110x170 cm.