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1018ZN Amsterdam

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Karin Rianne Westendorp

Charcoal on paper, 70x100 cm.

Charcoal on paper, 70x100 cm.

Mixed materials, 150x82 cm

Karin Rianne Westendorp creates landscapes of delicate lines. It invites the viewer to watch more than once. Her images are showing unknown worlds where is a sense of solitariness, but also a feeling of warmth and calmness.

During her studies she first made videos that shows her fascination for skin, hair and structures. Everything was filmed close-by and the audience came in an unknown world. Besides her videos she also started to draw. She developed her own technique to create the atmosphere of her videos in her drawings. Starting with a charcoal black sheet she erases the light, movement and emations back in.


Charcoal on paper, 70x100 cm.