Current exhibition

This week we are open only by appointment because we are under construction.

Gallery view

We had a very good vacation! We visited Ulrich Haug, and could not resist his sensitive works in wax. We took some with us and they are now to be seen in the gallery.


Ulrich Haug, wax and concrete

We also visited Knopp Ferro in Munich. The same story with him, irresisteble works. So we took some new works amongst which a colourfield in waterblue. Soooo gorgeous!


Knopp Ferro, colourfield, 80x80 cm.

We are very proud to announce that Robbert de Goede is now one of our permanent artists whom we will represent at national and international art fairs.


This work, Bowl, is made out of hundreds of strained threads which are forming a part of a bowl together. Fascinating!

Robbert de Goede, Bowl


Exhibition from our artist Ulrich Haug "Arbeiten in Wachs" at Nicols Fine Art in Zurich.

Opening date: November the 9th at 6pm

Period of the exhibition: 9.11. till the end of the year.


Scooter from Stefan Rohrer on the Sculpture Biennale in "Blickachsen" in Bad Homburg in the neighbourhood of Frankfurt. A really must-see, not only because of the 80 fabulous sculptures, but also because of the impressive environment in century-old parks and gardens. Until the 1st of October.

Deirdre McLoughlin takes part in the exhibition "Shadow of Sodeisha" in the National Museum of Ireland together with Japanse and Irish ceramists

The works of Willem Harbers are selected by Künstlerverein Walkmühle for the exhibition 'Naturliebe – erneuerbare Haltungen', curated by Axel Schweppe.

"Was man heute als künstlerische Utopie beginnt,

wird man morgen vielleicht als Reportage zu Ende schreiben können."